European Perspectives on Instructional Design

Within this years European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) in Budapest I contributed to a symposium on European perspectives on Instructional Design. Stefanie A. Hillen presented and reflected new tendencies to compose and establish a term "Didactic Design". But a deeper view on European traditions of Didactics unveils its inconsistency compared to the approach of Instructional Design. Maybe guided by a growing influence of the perspective on learning outcome within educational research and practice across Europe, this tendency fades out historical differences. But instead of bridging a gap between two traditions of thinking and complementing one another, it is uncertain in how far "Didactic Design" simply is repeating what Instructional Design still had said.

Ein spätsommerlicher Vergleich zwischen mediterranen Bussen und deutschen Regional-Expressen

In den letzten Wochen war ich ein paar Tage ein einem Land, in dem es im Sommer doch um einiges heißer ist als in Deutschland: Auf der Mittelmeerinsel Zypern wird es im August durchschnittlich bis zu 36 Grad warm. In dieser Zeit -- insbesondere um Mittag herum -- den öffentlichen Nahverkehr der Insel zu nutzen regt einen Bahn-Berufspendler unweigerlich zur Frage an, ob die Linienbusse mit funktionstüchtigen Klimaanlagen ausgestattet sind. Und da ich ja viel mit den Regionalbahnen der Deutschen Bahn unterwegs bin sind mir die Schwierigkeiten vertraut, solche Anlagen in Gang zu halten.

EARLI 2015 in Limassol (Cyprus)

This EARLI Conference at Cyprus is not like those Conferences where you enter a well air-conditioned conference hotel in the morning and leave it in the evening without recognising where your exactly are around the globe. No, because the conference location is distributed around the city, you keep on walking around and having beautiful impressions of Limassol, the city hosting the conference. But however, fans and ventilators -- or everything that can be used like them -- are important tools at the conference.

With nearly 30 parallel sessions the conference covers a detailed look at learning and instruction. Beside interesting talks and presentations the programme offers good opportunities to get in touch. I held a presentation about a social network analysis study in higher online education in Session E6.

EARLI 2015

Encounter to one another? The impact of peer feedback to the connectedness of learners in online forums of higher education courses

As a modern understanding of Bildung, investigations in philosophy of education foster the experience of encounter to explore human plurality (Wahlström 2010; Biesta 2002). As a way of applying these general educational issues in the realm of online communication and higher education, this empirical study considers peer feedback assignments as enabling structures of encounter.

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